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AcuContainer Overview

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Container Tracking

Embedded Solution for Acumatica ERP

AcuContainer is Acumatica-Certified container tracking software for Acumatica. This allows companies to view inventory in transit by allowing users to create container information tracking transactions. Items in transit can be easily loaded from existing purchase orders into container transactions created by selecting an entire purchase orders, specific lines of a purchase order, or partial quantity of a purchase order line.

Users are able to track the container status using user defined container status codes such as; on the water, customs, in land transit, foreign dock. In addition, this enhancement allows for tracking of the expected and actual departure & arrival dates, payment due date as well as custom & duty information.

The landed costs info is entered at the container level and are allocated to each item in the container. Landed Costs are loaded into created Receipts of Goods transactions for the container.


Key Features

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Creation of Container / Landed Cost transaction based on vessel's bill of lading

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Loading of all or selected items from purchase orders in full or partially into the created Container transaction

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Allocate landed cost expenses entered for each container to items in the container

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Generate purchase receipt transactions based on container level receipts

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