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Our Acuboost software solutions enhance the Acumatica ERP system and propel your business growth.

As amazing as an ERP system can be, it sometimes requires additional enhancements or programs to become the most effective to its users. Our in-house developers designed the Acuboost solutions to provide further customization within the Acumatica Cloud ERP system. Our team has published 16 enhancements, 10 have received Acumatica's certification, and 2 were acquired by Acumatica. 

Check out our current line-up of Acuboost solutions below 

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Developed exclusively for

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Acuboost Tailored Solutions

Browse our Acuboost library and find the perfect solution to fit your specific business needs.


AcuGateway's key benefits are CC terminal, EMV support in POS, Sales Orders, and receivables. 


AcuSObilltocustomer enhancement allows for entry of a Bill-to Customer for each sales order or sales invoice transaction.

Bill to Customer Entry

by Sales Order


QC processing allows companies to manage their QC functions by setting up specific functions (inspections) that need to be performed for each stock items by various modules.

QC Processing

QC Processing


The Commission Processing enhancement provides the ability to track commissions earned by salespersons for processed sales order transactions.

Commission Processing


Item Grouping

Item Grouping allows for grouping and streamlined loading of grouped items into Sales OrderTransactions.


Core Processing enhancement allows for tracking core inventory to be returned for processed salesand field serviceorders.

Core Processing


Kit Pricing

Allows companies to group stock and non-stock items as kits and to setup the pricing behavior for the group items at the kit item level.

Kit Pricing

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The Gmail Integration Enhancement provides the ability to link emails processed using Gmail with Acumatica.

AcuGmail is an IIG solution acquired by Acumatica.


Still can't find the solution your business needs?

In addition to our library of tailor-made business solutions, our certified in-house programming team develops custom software solutions that solve unique business challenges. 

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