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Customer Video Testimonials 

Customer Success Stories

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“IIG has proven to be valuable to us. Their expertise, knowledge, and trending towards what is the best practice have been very helpful.”

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“We have had a tremendous partnership with IIG and have had successful outcomes.”

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“I would recommend working with IIG, they have an excellent and responsive team”

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“IIG is responsive and has a great team. I highly recommend working with them. ”

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IIG is a well-established Sage-100 accounting software and Acumatica Accounting software reseller. They have a very friendly and helpful staff that have several years of experience to help streamline your daily business processes.

IIG is a developer of add on solutions for Sage 100 including solutions that cater to the service and rental industries. For Sage 100 they offer dozens of out of the box enhancements Sage 100 service solution, sage 100 rental solution, Sage 100 warehouse management system (WMS) and much, much more. If you’re a Sage 100 user in Southern California, you should have them on speed dial. They can also do Sage 100 customizations.

IIG solutions are awesome. Especially Container management. Adding IIG solutions to Acumatica is an easy choice when our clients have advanced landed costs requirements and the need for container tracking. It’s a bonus that the IIG team is easy to work with, with top-notch sales support.

We definitely recommend IIG’s AcuContainer solution. AcuContainer, in our opinion, is the best Container Tracking Solution in Acumatica’s ecosystem. IIG is a partner of Blytheco’s, and they are an excellent firm to work with. [review for AcuRental] After comparing systems we believe that Acumatica’s superior technology platform combined with AcuRental’s features and IIG’s commitment will provide a superior solution for many years to come.

[Review for AcuWorkOrder] IIG’s WorkOrder [Add-on] … allows us to see beforehand what raw materials are required, how much we would need to have on-hand before we can plan the production. WHAT IF function allows us to plug and play with data. We generate Work Orders to fulfill our demand for current Sales Orders or to build the inventory to a specific level. We have the ability today to ensure that only pre-approved components will be taken into production.  Most valuable part of IIG’s WO module is that we have our QC notes integrated with our production. We are not able to trace every role we make and have the whole production history attached to it.

[Review for AcuContainer] Fits our needs perfectly. As an Acumatica partner, we come across many customers who require advanced landed cost tracking for their containers, visibility into where containers are in their shipping process, as well as consolidation of multiple POs into these containers. The IIG Container Management add-on fits this need perfectly for our customers.

[Review for AcuRental] Great product to manage rentals and associated recurring billings. Lots of flexibility. Quick and easy to implement and integrates seamlessly into Acumatica’s Sales Order Module. IIG team members are wonderful to work with. They are knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to work with.

One of the great things about working with IIG is their responsiveness. If a customer has a change, I always bring Jay and Alec into those conversations, whether it be rental software, work order software, or container tracking.

IIG has been an amazing go-to for us. Their expertise, their knowledge in the vertical, their deep understanding of industry trends, and their willingness to share their information with us along the way have proven to be super helpful, especially with our clients.

We’ve had great success with IIG’s enhancements, in particular their point of sale, container tracking, and AcuRental. We just did a presentation with them for their work order enhancement, which is a great alternative to a full-blown manufacturing implementation through Acumatica. Our partnership has been tremendous. Alec is very creative and can create custom add-ons in addition to their enhancements. They also do a tremendous job on the implementation side.

We’ve been an Acumatica reseller for about 3 years and in that time, we have found that we need an external resource for development. We’ve reached out to IIG and utilize their team for customization. They’ve been great to work with and provided us with good work at good rates. Even though the customizations themselves are great quality work, they have followed our directions down to the T.

“IIG  has been great to work with, they are responsive, and have great quality work. ”

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