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Point Of Sale / Credit Card Processing

Embedded Solution for Sage 100cloud ERP

The Sage 100 Point Of Sale | Credit Card Processing Ecoboost provides the additional functionality and streamlined entry of transactions needed to process POS transactions using the Sage 100 ERP Sales Order processing module.

  • Support for Debit Card including signature capture & pin entry

  • Support for Sage Payment Solution using PC Payware

  • Support for PC Payware replacement for PC Charge

  • Integration with Credit Card/Check Swipe readers

  • Support for Pin Debit can be run over VPN for remote stores using either Citrix or Terminal Server

  • Support for all payment types including Gift Card

  • Process ACH payments for orders, SO invoices, and AR invoices

  • Opening of cash drawer based on the payment type entered

  • Allowing users to enter up to 4 payment types per transaction

  • Support for multiple payment/deposit entry per transaction

  • Displaying of change due

  • Printing of transaction receipt

  • Support for a cashier register; payments can be applied to combination of sales orders, invoices, or updated as payment on account

  • Track and reconciliation transactions by Register

Key Features

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Transfer program control to item # entry after entry of customer number

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Option to auto advance the invoice number after completing each transaction

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Auto printing of the receipt after payment

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Loading of the salesperson code based on the Sage 100 ERP user code

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Setting default values for warehouse, tax, ship via, invoice date, invoice type, based on the workstation

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Option to scan entry of lines at single quantities

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Ability to apply check or cash deposits to sales orders, invoices, or customer account and to use store credit for customers

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