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Network Services

With over 15 years experience in the Information Technology field, we are dedicated to providing our customers the best and most cost effective computer and networking services. Our goal is to help you better understand your equipment, improve efficiency and increase profitability. We stay informed of the latest hardware and software technologies and utilize that technology to help you run your business more efficiently.

IIG Network Services will never recommend a product or technology based simply on name recognition or market penetration; rather on its proven record in a real world environment.

The services IIG offer are in line with the philosophy that quantitative need’s assessment is paramount in ensuring client satisfaction.

Network analysis and design offers organizations the assurance that their technology investments will meet their business goals. IIG’s network team will analyze the traffic on your network, inspect your existing network infrastructure and make recommendations based both on your current needs and projected rate of growth.

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Serving Size
Whether you have outgrown your existing hardware, or need guidance to purchase new hardware, we can recommend, configure and install these systems for you. This would include assessment of the server’s role on your network, the network services it would run, the placement of file and print services and the chosen Domain security model.

Network Administration
Both network analysis and server sizing are important to ensure that your LAN and WAN infrastructure is designed and implemented to meet your needs. But the reason you have a LAN at all is for efficient communication, collaboration, and information dissemination.

Network Management
Ongoing proactive network management, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting to limit network occurrences and minimize network downtime.

To this end we can provide you with installation and administration services for all network related functions, including:


  • Active Directory configuration

  • File and print services

  • Backup and Replication

  • Domain security configuration

  • Server and workstation Imaging

  • Desktop PC support

For network applications we provide installation and administration services for the following products:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Microsoft IIS Server

  • Raptor Firewall

  • SonicWall

  • Microsoft ISA Server

  • Linux SecureNAT Servers

  • Citrix Metaframe

  • Cisco Routers

  • Adtran CSU/DSU’s

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