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Why Our Acumatica MFG Edition Stands Out!

Acumatica MFG Edition may be too much, but you will still need: - Generation of Manufacturing Work Order Transactions - Tracking Quantity on Work Order and Required for Work Order - Scheduling of Work Orders Using a Drag and Drop Scheduling Board - Creation of Board Views Using WO Type / Status / Date Range - Display Shop Floor Available Capacity and Machine Code Utilization by Month - Ability to View Material Requirements by Item for ALL BOM Levels Displaying - Ability to Modify Calculated Demand and Generate Needed Transactions Based on Replenishment

Settings for the Stock Item / Warehouse:

- Generate Work Orders for FG and Subassemblies for Stock Items - Generate Purchase Order for Purchase Items - Generate Transfer Sales Order for Stock Items with Transfer Replenishment Setting - Displaying Available to Promise Date During Sales Order Entry - Allow for Forward or Backward Scheduling of Work Orders - Reserving Production Capacity for Sales Quotes - Management of Work Orders for Repair and Full / Partial Disassembly - Processing Phantom Bills - Overhead Allocation - Outside Processing - QC Functions by Stock Item Manufactured - Ability to Enter Components as a Percent of a Batch Size - Ability to Create Multiple Finished Goods for the Item - Part Tracing Reports - And Process Work Order Transactions Using Bar Code Scanning​

Get the most out of what you pay for.

Don’t fall for false promises, let IIG handle your Cloud ERP with ease.

Check out our weekly Webinars to learn about our specialized enhancements! Give us a call if you have any questions: (818) 956-3744. Don't just take our word for it, check out our success stories, and read what the press has to say about us!

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