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Power your business with the latest technology to streamline operations

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Providing Rental Software Solutions since 1992

ERP Software tailored to the Rental Industry

The Rental Industry is unique.


Finding business software that properly lets you manage your company's internal needs and requirements is difficult to find. That's where IIG comes in. We have custom developed business software strategically tailored to the unique specific needs of today's rental companies. Not only that, but we've created it for two separate platforms, giving rental companies a broader range of options when deciding which to go with. Whether you're in equipment rentals, audio/visual rentals, or anything in-between...our custom rental software will streamline your business needs to elevate your company to new heights!

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Rental ERP Solutions 

We have developed Rental Software for both the Acumatica Cloud ERP as well as the Sage 100 platforms. AcuRental, powered by Acumatica, is 100% Cloud-based and available worldwide.

Rental ERP Software Systems

We provide two primary ERP solutions, each having their own unique attributes.

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Acumatica’s ERP platform leverages the world’s best cloud and mobile technology to deliver a suite of fully integrated business management applications such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, Manufacturing, Service Management, Project Accounting, and Business Intelligence. It is a scalable infrastructure of core components that run in the background so you can focus your attention on workflows, productivity, and business logic—not technology. Because Acumatica’s Cloud ERP uses standard web technologies and development languages, you can modify your business logic using the platform tools or a separate integrated development environment.


More than just a name change, Sage 100cloud is a complete solution for small and medium companies needing to automate processes, connect employees, and gain business insight when necessary. Get the tools to manage products, orders, customers, operations, and finances. Get the proper insight required to reduce costs, stay in compliance, provide value to customers, and effectively manage growth. Sage has expanded this platform with cloud connections while Sage 100 stays rooted as an on-premise solution at its core.

4 Signs your business needs ERP software

Do you use separate platforms for different processes?

Companies are now coming to understand the power that data has within the organization. If data is segmented into separate applications, companies are losing valuable insights into their business as a whole.

Are sales or customer experiences suffering?

Do your sales team and customer service staff have up-to-date inventory counts, order details, account history, and other info your customers expect on demand? Don’t sacrifice impeccable customer service because of not having the proper technology in place. 

Do your employees not have access to the info they need?

Without having the proper access to the right info, employees can waste significant amounts of time waiting on information requests, which, in turn, delays customer inquiries. Or worse yet, force them to start assuming what the answers could be.

Are your accounting processes tedious or frustrating?

Your accounting dept is responsible for collecting data from across your organization to ensure and maintain 100% accurate financials. If they need to chase down paper expense forms, need weeks to create reports, and payroll is causing significant stress, then it's probably the right time to look into an ERP Solution.

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All Great Relationships Start Somewhere

The best business derives from the best relationships. The best relationships derive from the best communication. We look forward to building a solid foundation of open communication with you and your business.

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