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EDI Distribution

Embedded Solution for Sage 100cloud ERP

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The EDI Distribution Ecoboost is the most effective EDI solution for Sage 100 ERP products. IIG has partnered with TrueCommerce to be able to offer a tightly integrated solution that will meet al of your EDI requirements. With TrueCommerce, all you need to become EDI enabled is Sage 100 ERP, an internet connection, a bar code printer, and the EDI Distribution Ecoboost.

Sage 100cloud in TrueCommerce Transaction Manager:

  • Optimized for Sage 100cloud and division processing

  • Simple set up

  • No Sage 100cloud Batch processing required

  • Can generate ASN labels from either PO as received or from invoices imported from Sage 100cloud

TrueCommerce Advantages:

  • Far lower cost to purchase and operate

  • Only requires a bar code printer and an internet connection

  • No interconnect fees, and low per transaction fees

Key Features

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Automatic Invoice Export:

  • Captures EDI invoices for export as 810 Invoice documents to TrueCommerce as part of Sales Order Sales Journal

  • Can be run manually during the day

  • Will now allow invoice to be exported twice

  • Can be used with and without batches

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Simplified Import Interface:

  • Generates sales order with 2 digit customer specific prefixes

  • Can either use the imported price or the customer's price code

  • Creates an import log, with detailed error messages

  • Log shows summary of items from orders imported

  • New items are imported as special order items to preserve pricing information, and the import log records a warning for the operator to follow up

  • Ship date, ship not before date, and cancel date are available through Crystal and as comments in the order - Order date is the Purchase Order date

  • Import program can do automatic imports by cycle time

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EDI Customer Setup:

  • Set up order prefix and order number

  • Streamlined export of Ship To Addresses for TrueCommerce importing

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