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Import Logistics

Embedded Solution for Sage 100cloud ERP

The Import Logistics Ecoboost allows you to enter container information for your purchases while they are still in transit from the vendor. One Landed Cost Transaction can be generated for multiple vendors and purchase orders. Import Logistics, integrated with your Sage 100 ERP system, will automatically calculate cost increases related to shipping and importing, and add them to your inventory valuation in a single step. Import Logistics will also help you plot your course in two ways. It allows you to add transportation-related costs to the value of goods in transit as soon as the goods are in a hull, gaining you important lead time for price updates; and it allows you to monitor shipping information as your goods approach their port of entry.

Key Features

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Import Logistics takes on another step for you; it allows you to select line items from as many different purchase orders as needed, and collect them into a single Receipt of Goods Entry - all you have to do is select the line items and Import Logistics will do the work

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Import Logistics will assist you with your import documentation by creating your Import Report for U.S. Customs auditing

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