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Work Order Management | Manufacturing

Embedded Solution for Sage 100cloud ERP

The Sage 100 Work Order Management | Sage 100 Manufacturing Ecoboost is fully integrated with Sage 100 Bill of Materials, Sales Order, Inventory Management, and Purchase Order Processing modules.

  • This system calculates material requirements for each inventory item and allows for creation of work orders for products based on existing sales order, purchase order, and work orders in Sage 100cloud

  • Components and labor defined in the Sage 100 Bill of Material module are loaded into created work orders

  • The quantity on work orders and required for work order values are updated for created work orders

  • Closed work orders are loaded into BOM module's Daily Production Entry program

  • Quantity planned is adjusted based on Sage 100 replenishment / Reorder Method. Material Requirement Calculated is adjusted based on Maximum Stock and Reorder Point settings for each item

  • The Sage 100 Work Order Management | Sage 100 Manufacturing Ecoboost is also available in Sage 100 ERP Premium (SQL) version

Key Features

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Create production work orders based on sales order demand, manually, or stocking levels defined

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Manage production work orders using drag and drop production scheduling board

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Calculate material requirement quantity based on replenishment stocking levels and existing sales, purchase order, and work order transactions

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Plan purchasing and manufacturing activities to minimize waste

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Manage installation of manufactured products

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Cost work orders based on actual material, labor, and overhead costs

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Track warranty for manufactured parts

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Provide streamlined user experience with integrated Manufacturing, ERP, and Field Work Order system

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