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Shipping Automation

Embedded Solution for Sage 100cloud ERP

Ship your products easier and faster, with fewer errors and less overhead. The Shipping Automation Ecoboost can automate the entire parcel process by giving you numerous choices and a variety of 'real-time' connectivity options to link to Sage 100cloud. It can start lowering operating costs and increasing parcel velocity through your account system.

  • Charge Actual Freight

  • Freight Markup/Markdown

  • Prepaid Freight Processing

  • Default prepaid by Customer

  • Automatically prepay zero dollar invoices

  • Prepaid freight by order dollar amount

  • Charge per order/per package fee

  • Allow one COD per shipment (UPS)

  • Multiple Freight Packages

  • Supported International shipping

  • Truck Processing

  • Track cost detail

  • Allows future shipments

  • Direct Scale Support

  • Direct FedEx Ship Manager support

  • Automatic third party / consignee billing

  • Optimized for remote warehouses

Key Features

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Provides shipping freedom of choice without additional module cost - all CPS/Malvern packages automate parcel processing of both domestic and international shipments for United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx, the United States Postal Service (USPS), and DHL

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Provides seamless integration of CPS, Malvern, Clippership, Scancode, and FedEx FXRS Ship Manager shipping solutions into Sage 100cloud

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