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WMS & MultiBin

Embedded Solution for Sage 100cloud ERP

Automate your Warehouse Receipts, Inventory Cycle Counts and Shipments, while saving time and money. The WMS Ecoboost brings advanced warehouse management to Sage 100 ERP with unparalleled ease of use and low-cost.

  • Commit inventory from bins during Sales Order Entry or Pick Ticket Printing

  • Auto allocate from bins based on bin priority, receiving date, or smallest quantity available in the bin

  • Manage bin commitments as order is picked by the bulk pick/drop or individual order pick process

  • Auto replenish pick bins based on stocking levels defined

  • WMS Ecoboost integrates with:

    • Multi Bin (Locations Per Item)​

    • Shipping Automation

"(IIG) has given us the automation in the warehouse which we did not have prior (and) has improved the productivity in all departments."

Leonard Kim

Smith Cooper International, Director of I.T.

Key Features

Shipping Data Entry Automation

Receipts of Goods Entry Automation

Inventory Transfers Automation

Inventory Cycles Counts Automation

Bin Transfers Automation

Wave Picking Automation

Fork Lift Pickup & Drop Management Automation

Palletized Shipping Automation

Traveler Bins Automation

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