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Ship your products easier and faster, with fewer errors and less overhead using IIG Warehouse Shipping Automation with CPS/Malvern! IIG Warehouse Shipping Automation can automate the entire parcel process. IIG Warehouse Shipping Automation gives you numerous choices and a variety of 'real-time' connectivity options to link to Sage 100 ERP. IIG Warehouse Shipping Automation with CPS/Malvern can start lowering operating costs and increasing parcel velocity through your account system!

• Charge Actual Freight

• Freight Markup/Markdown

• Prepaid Freight Processing

• Default prepaid by Customer

• Automatically prepay zero dollar invoices

• Prepaid freight by order dollar amount

• Charge per order/per package fee

• Allow one COD per shipment (UPS)

• Multiple Freight Packages

• Supported International shipping

• Truck Processing

• Track cost detail

• Allows future shipments

• Direct Scale Support

• Direct FedEx Ship Manager support

• Automatic third party / consignee billing

• Optimized for remote warehouses

• Force CUI print for remote warehouses

• Track box dimensions

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