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Software Development

Our company can take advantage of our highly skilled developers with a proven track record developing enhancements for Sage Products. We have developed over 200 enhancements and support over 1000 clients nationwide. Each design analyst has over 10 years of experience working with the Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP products; our analysts will work closely with you to offer a detailed solution using their years of experience developing systems, and supporting client requiring solutions based on EDI, Credit Card Processing, Shipping Systems, Mobile solutions, RF Warehouse Automation, Advanced Distribution Solutions, Web Development and Document Management.

IIG is pleased to offer these services at a rate of $100 per hour. This special rate is for projects of 150 hours or more and it applies to programming, QC and documentation services only. As part of this special rate offering, other services such as Design, Consultation, Training, Implementation, Project Management and any other service performed by IIG will be at billed at our hourly rate of $150 per hour. Call us for special rates on projects larger project or project requiring less than 150 programming hours; you can also take advantage of the $100 per hour rate by purchasing pre paid block of 150 programming hours; these hours can be used for multiple projects over a one year period.

Programming is not limited to Sage 100 and Sage 500 ERP. IIG offers a wide range of custom programming services in a variety of development environments and programming languages ranging from VB, VB.NET, C-Sharp, JAVA, to PHP and html.


IIG programming methodology includes:



Development of the Design Document
Our team can work with you to develop the specification document or work with you to create technical specification based on your requirement document. IIG can also provide you with a sample design document to assist you with this process.

Software Development Services
IIG will assign software developers to your projects. Our development methodology requires that our developers review the development approach and coding techniques with a Sr. Programming before starting to work on any project.

Quality Control
The quality control team will provide QC services needed for delivery of state of the art products. The software developed by the programmers will be tested per testing specifications provided by our design analysts. If required, test logs will be provided with each program delivered.

The documentation development team will provide the needed documentation for the developed system. This documentation will consist of both program level documentation as well as user level documentation. IIG’s team is also capable of providing multi-media documentation for the developed programs. The documentation development offering would be an optional service and services will be provided as requested and will be billed on hourly basis.



Sage Channel Partners can call for special pricing as part of this program offering.

Solutions for 100

  • Service Management

  • Rental

  • Size and Color

  • Shipping Automation

  • EDI Integration

  • RF Warehouse Automation and Solutions

  • Point of Sale

  • Slab Processing

  • Multi Bin Processing Process Manufacturing


    Solutions for 500 ERP

  • Service Management

  • Rental

  • Company Cash Application

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