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Apparel Maestro by IIG:

(Sage 100 Standard and Sage 100 Advanced)


  • Manages apparel (size and color) operations from generation of quotes, to flexible pricing and billing, to viewing inventory availability, to streamlined warehouse automation

  • Ability to purchase and sell by user defined size and color attributes for each item

  • Track sales by defined size and color attributes in addition to the style

  • Ability to setup UPC codes by specific size and color

  • Full pricing and costing support by size and color

  • Ability to define pre-packs by item and Customer

  • Ability to define stocking levels for each size and colors; auto generation of purchase orders based on defined minimum and maximum quantity levels defined for each size and color


The Apparel Maestro product developed by IIG provides the additional functionality and streamlined entry of transactions needed to process Apparel transactions using the Sage 100.

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