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3 Ways Acumatica is Changing How Manufacturers do Business

Even though Acumatica is an enterprise resource planning software it is not just meant for enterprise-sized companies. Businesses of all kinds and sizes stand to benefit from this software solution. This is especially true for the manufacturing industry where management software can give you the competitive edge in an industry that is becoming increasingly competitive. Acumatica allows manufacturers to efficiently share essential data such as that of production with their employees as well as key external players such as suppliers, distributors, and vendors. This results in improved communication and better coordination of processes with these critical business associates. This solution also automates your business systems by putting them into a more utilizable format which can be standardized to be used across the company. This allows you insight into the supply chain, inventory, processes, and demand from the market using just one system. Consequently, you are able to streamline fulfillment operations. Acumatica also automates lot and serial traceability and tracking, and swift product recall procedures. This saves the organization a lot of money and time. Moreover, this management software solution gives you enhanced control over areas such as components inventory, demand planning, production scheduling, and distribution channels. This allows your company to achieve timely delivery of products, which is a critical performance metric among manufacturers. These advantages have not gone unnoticed, and as such, Acumatica continues to be a critical technology priority in the manufacturing industry. And as the manufacturing industry’s landscape becomes increasingly competitive, companies of all kinds must design, build, and deliver products of the highest quality in the timeliest manner and at the lowest production costs possible if they are to gain and retain consumers. Thus, Acumatica will offer you the tools and foundation necessary for success in the manufacturing industry. Acumatica ERP developers in Los Angeles offer one of the best ERP solutions in the manufacturing industry today. Acumatica’s efficiency in providing usable solutions that not only streamline manufacturing processes but also enhance customer satisfaction has seen to the software winning the CODIE Award for Best Cloud ERP Solution for the past two consecutive years, as well as the Best Manufacturing Solution. The following are three ways in which Acumatica is changing the manufacturing industry. 1. Automating Manufacturing One of the most significant advantages of using Acumatica is that it automates almost all the manufacturing processes. This enhances the speed of production thereby saving a considerable amount of time. Additionally, it also effectively reduces the error rate. When manufacturers shift their processes from manual manufacturing to automated manufacturing, they cut their dependency on humans on a large scale. This allows the operations to be much simpler and more precise. Moreover, automated manufacturing processes also tend to enhance the consumer experience and, therefore, resulting in more profitability. 2. Reducing Costs In addition to streamlining manufacturing processes, Acumatica also reduces costs significantly. This is achieved due to the fact that this software draws its data from just one source. The implication is that there won’t be any additional hardware requirements thus reducing the administrative and operational costs. Additionally, Acumatica enables you to monitor control operations. This prevents re-entry, ensures high accuracy, and thus significantly reduces the occurrence of errors on the production floor. As such, this Manufacturing Solution simultaneously enhances efficiency while cutting on costs if it is implemented in the right way, and in the right environment. 3. Enhancing Internal and External Communication This management solution helps manufacturers to share or distribute critical production-related data effectively not only with their in-house staff, but

also with external partners such as suppliers, distributors, vendors, and customers. This improves communication and enhances collaboration thereby leading to better relationships between the partners. Additionally, the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition sector enables the critical members of the various departments to communicate and coordinate effectively which results in an enhanced decision-making process. What does this mean? In the manufacturing industry, it is critical that you deliver your products to the consumers when they need them the most. As such, timely delivery is among the most critical performance parameters that are considered when reviewing your productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Therefore, by using Acumatica, you will benefit from streamlined processes and operations ensuring that you can deliver your products when your customers need them. This will lead to improved consumer satisfaction, and consequently, enhanced profitability. Acumatica is the leading and fastest growing ERP solutions, provider. Acumatica development for manufacturers started two years ago, and they have recently released the Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. This Manufacturing Edition was designed using the Acumatica Cloud ERP platform. By taking advantage of this platform, it has been able to seamlessly integrate with Acumatica’s Project Accounting, Customer Management, Distribution Management, and Financial Management Suites. Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition will provide you with enhanced and real-time coordination of manufacturing operations under a single glass pane. Using this ERM software solution, you will have improved visibility over your production planning and resources. So, Is Acumatica Suitable for You? When you have become accustomed to running your operations using the same set of procedures, it can be overwhelming to consider changing your systems and implementing others. It is a delicate, and thought-out process that will take into account a lot of your resources. Nevertheless, when considering an Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Acumatica’s Manufacturing Checklist should help you make the correct decision. You should view ERP software as an investment and not an expense. Therefore, you will have to calculate the amount of time spent on manual operations which provide busy work but do not add any real value to the business. Now consider how productive the company can be when the decision-makers are proactive instead of reacting to situations. The Acumatica development for manufacturers will allow you to measure margins which will enable you to control production and labor costs using precise data. IIG is among the top Acumatica ERP developers in Los Angeles. We develop numerous custom software solutions for Acumatica and we are proud to have been awarded their seal of certification. As one of our main custom software enhancements for Acumatica, we have developed a work order management program geared specifically for manufacturing companies. To learn more about this manufacturing solution, visit us here.

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