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Acumatica Acquires IIG’s Point of Sale System (AcuPOS)

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

September 16th, 2020 - Information Integration Group (IIG) is very proud to announce Acumatica has acquired our point of sale system, AcuPOS. This strategic acquisition comes with the exciting product release of Acumatica 2020R2. This solution is set to be part of Acumatica’s 2020R2 release of commerce edition, and will bring significant value to retail and warehouse businesses. IIG has deployed this system previously as a trusted software vendor, but this will now be deployed by Acumatica under the new branded name “Acumatica POS”.

Acumatica Commerce Point of Sale capability highlights include:

  • Real-time inventory across all locations and sales channels

  • Retail oriented screens with quick touch key shortcuts for streamlined over the counter transaction processing

  • Easy handling of returns and credits at register or customer service counters

  • Advanced payment handling capabilities including cash, credit card, mixed payments, and layaway partial payments

  • Hardware Integration with credit card terminals, bar-code scanners, receipt printers, scales, cash drawers, and other POS equipment

  • Unique permissions for register clerks, customer service counters, managers, and owners

  • Advanced pricing and promotions engine

  • Business oriented features including customer specific pricing, buying history, and on-account payments

As part of a fully integrated ERP solution, Acumatica POS delivers:

  • Advanced inventory management including label printing, bar-code scanning, and replenishment algorithms to ensure that retail stores are automatically stocked to appropriate levels

  • Customer management including sales reports, opportunity tracking, user-defined real-time alerts, and service excellence with integrated support cases and automated reminders

Information Integration Group (IIG) is excited to be working directly with Acumatica, and ensuring a excellent deployment.Customers can purchase this point of sale system for multiple stores and locations, where their may be several different workstations per location. The point of sale system includes an intuitive and modern user interface, which has been received with excellent reviews.Thousands of hours have gone into the design and programming of this system, and IIG is very proud to have this now included in Acumatica’s industry editions.

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