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IIG Wins 'Innovation Partner Of The Year' And MVP Honors At Acumatica Summit

IIG recognized by Acumatica as Innovation Partner Of The Year, IIG’s CEO named Acumatica MVP Program Winner, and IIG’s Acuboost tops all developers with highest number of Acumatica-Certified Applications (ACA) to date

Houston, TX — 1/28/2019 — During the opening day of Acumatica Summit 2019, Acumatica conducted their annual award ceremony recognizing certain partners for their outstanding work and commitment to the Acumatica brand over the past year. This year, IIG took home the title of Innovation Partner of the Year to accompany their latest achievement of becoming the first partner to reach 3 or more Acumatica-Certified Applications (ACA). In addition to this, IIG’s CEO, Alec Baghdasaryan, became one of the recipients of Acumatica’s Most Valuable Professional award, an award recognizing partners who focus and contribute to the Acumatica community.

The Innovation Partner of the Year title is awarded to the partner solution that is voted most unique and innovative by the VAR partner community themselves. Therefore, this award not only stands out significantly amongst Acumatica and their internal team, but also amongst their extensive list of exceptional VAR partners whom IIG has the privilege of sharing this year’s Acumatica Summit floor with once again.

This news coming directly after an already exciting week, as IIG became the first Acumatica-Certified developer to reach it’s third Acumatica Certification for it’s Acumatica product line, Acuboost. The three ACAs (Acumatica-Certified Application) are AcuTrack (Container Tracking software), AcuWorkOrder (Work Order Management / Manufacturing Lite software), and AcuRental (Rental Processing software) which all seamlessly integrate directly into the most recent version of the Acumatica platform, 2018 R2.

In addition to these honors, IIG’s CEO, Alec Baghdasaryan, received one of Acumatica’s Most Valuable Professional awards, acknowledging IIG’s contributions to growing and supporting the Acumatica community.

“Our entire team is honored to receive this type of recognition from Acumatica and the Acumatica community,” said Alec. “These prestigious awards are a testament to the dedication of our staff, our innovative approach, and our level of detailed integration built within Acumatica's structure."

To learn more, contact IIG at or by phone at 818.956.3744


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