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Sage 100 Customer Portal July 2020

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Sage 100 Customer Portal 2020

Information Integration Group is proud to announce another dynamic enhancement to the Sage 100 ERP platform, Customer Portal! This is a new enhancement for 2020, and features a portal for clients to log into to few various items. We see this being especially valuable for companies that have technicians out in the field, as this creates another level of transparency. Customers will now be able to submit work tickets, view outstanding invoices, work orders, scheduling times, work history, etc. This functionality has been requested multiple times from us, and we are happy to say we have the solution!

As another level of transparency, all of this information is fully integrated into a Sage 100 system. This creates a means for company and client to have a greater level of transparency and efficiency with one another. These days, more people are managing their bills online, without ever getting on a phone call. This customer portal allows clients to manage their invoices, and create new service work order live, which then can be picked up from a technician to follow up on. The portal also has many levels of filters, depending on the range of information you wish a customer to have access to.

These filters really allow for various setups and views, depending on your need. It’s also worth mentioning that this customer portal is accessible through any web browser, even on mobile devices. This allows technicians to view live requests and dispatch schedules live from their mobile devices, again creating an even more transparent working playground. With the settings in place, the customer portal is highly customizable depending on the company's needs.

Key Features

  • Provide access to customers via web browsers

  • Setup login and password by Customer Contact

  • Allow for users requesting access to the portal

  • Display Customer Information

  • Display Service Work Orders. Allow for addition of new Service W.O.

  • Display Contracts info

  • Display Equipment info

  • Display Sales Order info

  • Allow for entry of filters to access desired records

If you would like to find out more information on the Sage 100 Customer Portal, or any of our other Sage 100 enhancements, we will be happy to schedule some time to connect with a product specialist. Thanks!


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