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Acumatica Equipment Rental Software & Enterprise Resource Planning

Acumatica Equipment Rental

No matter what your company does, it can't accomplish its organizational mission without fitting resources. From sourcing raw materials to distributing finished goods and managing the people who produce them, having an enterprise resource planning, or ERP, strategy in place improves your ability to connect assets and high-level decisions to measurable business outcomes. The real question is whether you're receiving the insights you need or struggling to find your place in the dark.

Could switching to a cloud-based equipment rental processing solution like Acumatica help you take the reins of resource planning and sustain your growth? Here are some of the benefits you're missing by not using IIG software solutions.

Enhanced Process Visibility

One of the biggest benefits of enterprise resource planning software is that it brings transparency to existing processes. Many business activities act like impenetrable black boxes. This lack of clarity may reflect a wide range of situational factors and practices, such as

  • Employing complex manufacturing methods,

  • Using third-party equipment, or

  • Fulfilling orders for consumers who demand you jump through unique hoops.

Such blind spots make it imperative to gain more accurate insights into what's really going on. Our modern cloud tools make it easier to see beyond the inputs and outputs by looking more closely at the journey between them. By giving you the chance to implement fine-grained metrics that reveal how well specific processes function, IIG apps empower you to make more relevant decisions.

Improved Customer Relationship Management

Proper resource management drives healthier customer relationships. Imagine that your IT company knew how many help desk tickets it could field per hour because you'd been tracking resource usage patterns. Armed with such knowledge, you could more easily take steps to mitigate problematic situations, such as lengthy wait times.

Resource planning helps you keep tabs on vital assets throughout the entire product or service lifecycle. A business that rented out heavy-duty construction hardware, for example, might use its software dashboards to set up alerts before individual items were scheduled for overhauls and maintenance so that its consumers wouldn't receive duds. Companies that fabricate original consumer products commonly trace specific models all the way from the assembly line to the consumer returns department. By exploring which material, feature and design combinations prove the most satisfying, they dramatically strengthen their offerings and enhance their public reputations.

Customer relationship management is far easier when you hold the requisite data to do excellent work. IIG software solutions empower enterprises to achieve their potential and keep people happier. By making it simple to set up custom solutions that complement the way you operate, we ensure that you can devote more resources to forging and maintaining client relationships.

Comprehensive Oversight That Results in Smarter Leadership

Whether you're manufacturing goods or providing business services, it's crucial to oversee the entire process and understand its nuances. A fabricator with limited resources might need some of their machines to perform double duty, which would require smart scheduling and on-time supply chain requisitioning practices. A company that operated multiple plants might benefit from having access to top-down views that let its leaders share materials, skilled workers, data and other resources among facilities on the fly.

Oversight isn't just about knowing what's going on. It's equally essential to understand where the links lie so that you can ensure your decisions in one area won't have negative ramifications elsewhere.

Our Acumatica Cloud ERP software suite facilitates truly universal oversight. They make it effortless to view the big picture or zoom in and reveal critical details at the facility, departmental or workstation level. Our bespoke apps also grant leaders the data analysis tools they need to stay attuned to key performance indicators even as they're taking care of business in the office, traveling to meet partners or solving problems on the warehouse floor.

More Accurate Accounting

How do you track spending? If you're like many enterprises, then you might be overlooking the advantages of breaking things down by project — or reasonably wary of the overhead associated with revamping your finance practices. It's not always easy to get a feel for a project's unique costs, and it can be almost impossible to contextualize them against the backdrop of other business activities.

At IIG, we provide equipment rental software that clarifies how your financial outlays result in successes and failures. It's never been simpler to identify the underlying bonds between project budgets and productive output. Thanks to Acumatica's comprehensive reporting systems and well-organized workflows, you also gain heightened power to explore alternatives, such as by charting original budgets against revised versions and projected outcomes. What's more, you don't have to worry about harmonizing billing or invoicing standards. Since timesheets and other cost data sources are all integrated into one uniform system, you save effort and money that would typically be lost to office work.

Get Better at Driving Your Business Forward With Superior ERP Tools

There are innumerable ways to run a healthy enterprise. One unifying factor among all successful business models is that good leaders leverage data intelligently to make more informed decisions and stay agile.

Are you ready to revolutionize how you work? Learn more about switching to Acumatica Cloud ERP by getting in touch with an IIG representative today.

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