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Process Manufacturing Maestro (MFG):

The Complete Batch Manufacturing Management Solution

Process Manufacturing Maestro (MFG) is a recipe management system designed specifically to address the unique requirements needed by batch processing manufacturers, such as the food and chemical industry. MFG is focused on ingredient mixing and process flow.

Features Include:

  •  Enter and maintain sample and production recipes for products to be manufactured

  •  Enter notes/instructions for production orders

  •  Enter amounts using percentage or quantity

  •  Generate multiple finished good items for completed production

  •  Trace finished goods to raw materials used

  •  Trace raw material to finished goods produced and shipped customers

  •  Generate reports to manage production

  •  Make changes into work orders generated based on recipes

Ease of Use Creating a Work Order is very simple - just select recipes from a list. MFG copies all the recipe information into the Work Order. To produce different batch sizes, simply change the batch size. MFG automatically recalculates the raw material quantities based on the new batch size.


MFG provides the flexibility you need. While creating a Work Order, MFG allows the user to change recipe quantities and add/delete ingredients any time before posting. MFG augments Sage 100 ERP Bill of Material and Word Order modules.


Gain a competitive advantage by responding quickly to new and changing demands. Integrated manufacturing applications make information transparent from the shop floor to the back office, and even beyond the walls of your company.

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