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AcuContainer can now track a containers location on the map and movement log using a live API link with


Track Container Info - Track dates and other container info. Update purchase order’s Promised or Requested date based on container info.

Track Quantities - For each line in the container, view item’s quantity in this container, other containers, open on the PO line, and in-transit.

View Availability Information for Items in Containers- View quantity in each container in Inventory Allocation Details inquiry and Purchase Orders form.

Create Receipt of Goods Transactions- Create Purchase Receipts transactions based on information tracked by container.


• Enter Landed Costs by Container - Landed costs entered at the container level are allocated to each item in the container. Option to auto calculate Duty and Tariff for products in the container. Landed costs are loaded into created Receipts of Goods transactions for the container.

• Enter Costs for Multiple Containers - Costs incurred for multiple containers can be allocated to items in each container.

And so much more!

For an Overview check out our website page on AcuContainer. As well as the latest webinar video linked below.

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