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The Benefits of a Hosted Cloud-based ERP System

Cloud ERP System
Cloud ERP System

High on the priority list of every business leader is reducing costs, being more productive, and protecting the future of the business. As that relates to employing technology-based business enablers, Cloud-based ERP solutions are being looked at with a great deal of interest by business executives. Cloud-based software, in its purest sense, means the application, supported by the associated data center elements, are delivered over the internet and accessed using the Internet-browser on a computing device such as a desktop, laptop, notebook, or phone. Examples of this would be applications we recognize like Yahoo mail, Google GSuite, Outlook 365, and, which many people already make use of. The most important distinction of a genuinely Cloud-based application is that it ONLY requires a standard web browser to access the ERP application, and not the historical need of having to load special “client-side” software on the computer accessing the application.

With all the advantages, Cloud-based ERP software is not for every organization. Locations with poor internet access or heavily regulated industries that mandate networks do not “touch” the internet, i.e., companies serving the DOD are the most common examples. However, applications accessed through a browser can still bring value to organizations subject to regulatory restrictions, as even in a closed network, browser-based applications again reduce the IT staff resources required to deploy and maintain. For the majority, software designed to operate in the Cloud and browser-based, solve many of the IT challenges associated with keeping staff connected and productive.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

Top reasons business leaders are embracing Cloud-based/browser-based ERP solutions

Ease of Deployment, Support, and Maintenance

- Users (local or remote) can immediately log-in via any device running an Internet-browser and start working, simple as that, little or no IT involvement is required to set up and maintain. BTW, secure access is accomplished in the same technology that online banking uses.

Faster Time to Value

- Hosted Cloud ERP applications are offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model where the fee (annual or monthly), covers the software subscription and data center side infrastructure items required to run the ERP application. The hosting provider can “spin up a server” in a matter of hours and are ready for users to log-in.