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Considerations for small and medium businesses

Is it a Mystery?

As a small or medium sized business, the idea of moving to the Cloud can be daunting, an idea full of mystery and unknown risk. While risk should always be thoroughly assessed and evaluated when making any major business decision, there are many services available today that demystify the process and can help illustrate benefits of Cloud infrastructure. These services can help take the mystery out of migrating or merging major business system components such as ERP software, communications solutions, productivity software and existing SaaS solutions.

Where Can I Find Help?

Help is everywhere when it comes to Cloud technologies and services but a challenge can be finding a reputable source of assistance. It is important to find a partner that has the experience moving a portfolio of small and medium sized businesses from internal network infrastructure to the cloud. Only they will understand the nuances of such a migration and know how to steer you along the right path. A strong partner would have verified experience with:

• Cloud migration projects

• ERP implementation projects

• SaaS consulting and implementation

• Industry leading software vendors

• Vertical solutions

Often your competition and industry friends will share information about who they partner with for business system solutions. Keep your ears open.

How Can I Prepare?

Having a very good high level idea of what you’re looking for your business to accomplish is the most obvious first step in preparing to seek out new business system solutions. Some of the things that might not be as obvious, but that are equally important can include:

• Pain point – what are the top 5 issues with your current system(s) that hold your business back • Inventory of current IT systems and resources