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Acumatica Acuboos

GLENDALE, Calif. – December 18, 2017 – As of this past week, all IIG Software Enhancements for the Acumatica platform will now be known as Acuboost™. This will clearly distinguish IIG's brand from all others, giving their clientele piece of mind knowing the software enhancements they purchase are coming from a company with 25 years in the ERP and ISV industry.

In addition, IIG's clients can feel relaxed and comfortable in the knowledge that these products are coming directly from their full staff of in-house developers...rather than subcontracted programmers (which most ISVs use) whose work could easily come with bugs and functionality issues that might not be easily and/or quickly fixable.

There will be numerous follow-ups to this announcement, accompanied not only by full documentation on each new Acuboost™, but also explainer videos for each and a new series of webinars to live demo each one in full. On top of that, IIG will be producing a new featured timeline that will be consistently updated with the release dates of all up and coming future Acuboost™ products.

Want to stay tuned for the latest Acumatica Acuboost™ product news and developments?

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